Arrested Spy Agents in US Swapped with Russia

More than 10 spies booked in US have been swapped with Russia. They include a nuclear specialist, who has managed to stay away from the charges by pleading innocence and a former secret agent alleged to have deceived a number of his fellows in the US.

These prisoners held under the charges of foreign spying in Russia, had been acquitted by Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev.

Sutyagin is a nuclear specialist found guilty of relaying information to a UK firm using an alleged facade by the CIA.

He was pursuing a 15-year imprisonment in the Arkhangelsk region of northern Russia around the Arctic Circle, when he was abruptly relocated to the Lefortovo prison in Moscow, wherein he was asked to be a spy operative.

Sutyagin was booked in 1999 from his birth place Obninsk, in central Russia under treason charges.

He received the trust and confidence of the human rights activists for a prolonged period, who maintained that he was innocent.

Meanwhile, Sergei Skripal, retired GRU colonel, was convicted in 2006, bearing a 13-year imprisonment charge for spying under Britain.

He was booked for relaying the identities of Russian intelligence agents operating in Europe undercover to the Secret Intelligence Service called MI6 in UK.