EPA Calls LA River ‘Traditionally Navigable Waterway'

Federal authorities have said that the Los Angeles River is worth protecting the environment, calling it "Traditional navigable waterway”.

"This means that we recognize that this is water. Not only is this water, it needs to be thought of as part of our ecological system”, said Lisa Jackson.

She is the chief official at EPA. The phrase relates to the law controlling water pollution across the nation. Jackson said that reinstatement plans, the utilization of river by watercraft and a number of other factors ensure that L. A. River should adhere to the standards in Clean Water Act for surface water quality.

She explained that the whole 51-mile division will be sheltered, thereby, ensuring the security in the areas, including Compton Creek, as per the clean water laws.

This shielding had been in doubts following the U. S. Supreme Court’s announcement of trimming the Clean Water Act, four years back.

Two years back, activist kayaker, George Wolfe shot visuals showing the flotilla down river. With kayaks and canoes, Wolfe said that he was exploring the river to protect the right of the people in Los Angeles for utilizing it. However, it didn’t please the Army Corps much.