Apple Launches Store in Shanghai

A big Apple outlet will be launched in Shanghai on Saturday, as the Company is looking forward to jump into the Chinese market.

The Company has disclosed that over the next two years, it will open around 25 stores in China. Apple has managed to get an impressive location for its first store.

It has, however, declined to divulge the location of its other upcoming stores. The store is adjacent to the renowned Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. Also, the Company has mounted a 40-foot cylindrical glass casing for its logo, which is identical to the one outside its Fifth Avenue store in New York.

Apple will provide free T-shirts to the first 5,000 people, who visit the shop at the splendid launch of the store at the IFC Mall in the Pudong district of Shanghai.

In the year 2008, Apple had opened a store in Beijing just prior to the commencement of summer Olympic Games.

An Analyst of market research firm, Envisioneering Group, Richard Doherty, is of the view that the Company has taken a wise decision by venturing into the Chinese market. He said that China is the biggest PC market in the world.

Apple has revealed that it will carry on working with carrier China Unicom, in order to increase the sales of iPhone 3GS, which is the only version available in the country.