Chrysler Puts 2 Car Payments Into Incentives

Chrysler has decided to widen an incentive plan which was accessible only for minivans until now. The plan enables the buyers of majority models to give back the Motor within 60 days if not satisfied with it.

The plan expects the buyers to pay up to $1,000 via two monthly installments.

Fred Diaz, CEO of the Ram truck brand and Chrysler Group's top U. S. sales executive, said that the new program will allow the customers to put trust in the retailer and help them assure that they are satisfied with their investment.

The plan will see customers availing the options for cars, including Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram.

On a disappointing note, the car maker has not included 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in the scheme.

Most of the automakers are attempting to sell off model year cars from July via Labor Day in order to allow the 2011 models to dominate the stocks.

The dealers of Chrysler had 59 supply days left at the end of June.

"It certainly couldn't hurt. It doesn't really cost any more than plunking down a big incentive on the hood”, said Aaron Bragman, an analyst at HIS.