Second Round of Rebate Checks Dispatched in Connecticut

About $250 reimbursement will be sent to the Medicare recipients today in Connecticut. It will be given to the people who are 65 or older and who fall under by the supposed gap in the coverage of prescription drugs.

AARP Connecticut has revealed that 50,000 people of Connecticut will get the check in this year. The checks will be given as part of the restructuring in healthcare system, which was approved in March.

In early June also, the checks were sent to the people who fell into the hole in coverage by the end of May. Some patients, who made payments for the additional prescription drug coverage which is called Part D, will avail of the rebate.

The people make a payment of 25% of the bills of prescription medicines for the first $2,830, in the part D coverage. This means that the participants have to pay a sum of $707 from their pocket.

After that the coverage ends until there is a disastrous coverage starts when the total expenses of a person reach $4,550 or a supplementary $3,842.

A fresh round of checks will be sent every month for those who fall into the hole. Presently The U. S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has no projection regarding the number of people falling in the gap.

Jennifer Millea, Spokeswoman of AARP Connecticut, reveals that in the month of June around 50,000 people will get the reimbursement.