EMC Buys Greenplum

From a long time, EMC has been trying to shed its image, as a data storage vendor in order to become recognized as a competitor in the larger information infrastructure business.

EMC's conformity to buy Greenplum Inc. will help to boost its business intelligence and data analytics business.

EMC bought Greenplum, based in San Mateo, California, for an undisclosed amount. Its Tuesday's move will make easy, the hardware and software users need to build large cloud infrastructures. It may also provide the analytical tools that can be used to mine data stored within those clouds.

IT Market Strategy analyst, Merv Adrian said that Greenplum gave EMC, a structured data management tool for databases.

EMC plans to fully incorporate Greenplum's operations and employees, as it starts a product performance department. It sees Greenplum solutions as the best method of providing customers with reliable data, regarding the performance of their own data management systems.

As more of EMC's operations move to the cloud, the performance analytics software is chiefly useful to lessen any concerns, these new customers have about cloud-based storage.

The solutions also allow clientele to manage their data more accurately. IT staff workers can move data from server to server, as required to avoid likely contamination of any overload. In the case of a faulty server, this can be particularly useful to prevent any data loss.