Distracted Driving Campaigns Comes to Halt

According to some reports, the campaigns initiated by lobbyist firm, the Seward Square Group, to counter distracted driving have been discarded.

The document presented by the Seward's proposed group DRIVE Coalition, was submitted to publication FairWarning outlined the group's aim of addressing distracted driving, through increased driver education and enforcement, rather than, regulations banning mobile technology.

DRIVE stands for Drivers for Responsibility, Innovation and Vehicle Education.

As per this report, there has been a debate over teenagers texting while driving and so there is a ban over that. It has caused damage to auto, tech and insurance industries. The one who fails to act, will attract 51 another battles rather than just one.

After the Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood held a press conference on Wednesday; the coalition ended its efforts.

The group was in the process of recruiting manufacturers, wireless providers, car makers, associations, and GPS providers, such as Motorola, Nokia, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, GM, Ford, the Auto Alliance and TomTom, to name a small number of them.

LaHood, in a response to FairWarning's first release of the group's intentions, wrote in his blog that DOT and the safety community will not be stalled by a new effort to rile up corporate America and undermine the achievements of our campaign, against distracted driving. The simple fact is that texting and talking on cell phones while driving is a deadly exercise.