Horse-racing jockeys doing Most Dangerous Job in the World

It has been reported that the jockeys are exposed to many kinds of risks while flat racing. A study conducted in this regard said that there are many factors, which can prove really fatal for the jockeys.

The most important factor is the gender of the jockey. Whether the jockey is an amateur or professional also matters a lot. How much experience he has gained in the horse racing is another factor.

When the researchers took information about the horse races in Australia from 2002 to 2006, they found that a jockey fell at least one time in duration of 240 rides.

The study also found that at least one ride in a total of 620 rides proves really fatal for the jockeys.

The results also stated that any of these accidents can put a halt on the career of the jockey.

Associate Professor, Leigh Blizzard said, “There has been a study done in the United States which showed it was riskier than being a metal worker, a pilot, a skydiver and a boxer".

The researchers revealed that the most number of falls take place on the first day of jockeying. This happens because the jockeys are amateur or may be because the horses that are used, are less-experienced.