BPA Phased Out By Baby Bottle Suppliers

Providers of baby products are willingly opting out making use of Bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles because of consumer anxiety over the safety of the element.

Food and Grocery Council Chief Executive, Katherine Rich said that its members decided to take this step as a result of consumer demand, and not since it posed a health risk to babies.

BPA is used to make a lot of hard, clear bottles and containers, as well those for adult drinks, to make them harder.

Australia, Canada, the United States, Denmark and Australia have as well taken steps to restrict the sale of baby bottles that might have BPA, until research establishes its safety.

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has assessed the safety of BPA and plasticizers in food, in addition to this are those products that are used by infants such as baby bottles, and came to a conclusion that levels of BPA intake were very squat and did not cause a risk to public health for any age group, Ms. Rich said.

A few parents are worried about the research that recommends that BPA can be harmful to their kids.

Ms. Rich restated that this research was not wide-ranging and convincing studies depicted that it was not injurious.

Astounding stories in the media had increased their concerns in regards to the similar issue, she said.