Gaga’s Doe-Eyed Look a Craze in the U.S.

Pop star, Lady Gaga has sported a doe eyed look in her video "Bad Romance". However, the look was computer generated.

CBS News Correspondent, Michelle Miller, says that the look has become an overnight sensation with teenagers, who are getting the similar look with the help of an accessory.

Michelle Pham, a makeup artist, has made these circled lenses popular on YouTube, where she has demonstrated their use. Up till now, Pham has got ten million hits.

She disclosed that the contact lenses are manufactured abroad and are made to drastically alter the look of eyes. The lenses are big in size and also cover the whites of the eye.

These lenses have been increasingly used by Korean and Asian pop stars and now the fad is reaching America.

A teenager, Chantal George, revealed that she possesses 14 pairs of lenses. She has bought them over the last three years and has purchased them for $20 to $30.

She said that she is crazy for these lenses and they are an extension of style. She also calls them as “conversation starter”.

However, it is unlawful to market these lenses in America, as they have been banned by FDA.