Job Cut by Nasa Space Shuttle

There is a bad news for the scientists of NASA. The US's leading space contractor is on the way of cutting the jobs of more than 1,000 of the world's leading scientists and technicians. It would come into force after NASA ended its space shuttle programme, Two shuttle missions which are scheduled to be completed by 2011.

The job cuts represent about 15% of the workforce and more such reductions are expected. Most jobs would go in Florida and Texas, as told by United Space Alliance, which manages the shuttle fleet and handles Naas’s International Space Station.

The space shuttle exhibits a success story, with the staff setting records for the speedy processing of shuttles and the lowest numbers of in-flight mishaps and launching eight flights in 14 months,

But there are number of scientists, technicians and aerospace experts looking for work and the less possibility for them getting into private companies, is not also positive, as told by Mr. Keith Cowing. He further added that the idea is to make their companies work cheaper and with a lot more automation. It is to add more profits to the chest, by laying off some of the people. Moreover, these experts, who had already worked on their top secret technologies, will not be allowed to work for foreign entities.

NASA is most likely to make the last shuttle flight next February, although several factors could delay that plan.