Andrew Lansley Says NHS Will Stop Nannying

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, has revealed that he will ensure that NHS stops lecturing people about health benefits. He made the revelation at the annual conference of the Faculty of Public Health in London.

He said that in future, the organization will continue to advise people, so that they make the right choices, but would not nanny them.

Lansley revealed that foods should not be hyped as good or bad. He further added that people should take care of their lifestyle and diet, on the whole.

He highlighted that they should be more responsible towards their health and also for the community.

Lansley is of the view that people are free to consume a bag of crisps or a carbonated drink, provided they have self control and take care of their health. He said that if people take responsibility, then the Companies, who market these food products, would also share the accountability.

He said that NHS should not dictate people about what is right or wrong. The Health Secretary believes that people need support to make better choices. He announced that Government will devise proper strategies in regard to the health of people.