Saunders Recovers from Breast Cancer

Jennifer Saunders is battling with breast cancer, since nine months. The 52- year-old became famous with the comedy duo, French and Saunders.

She discovered a lump in her breast and approached her doctor. She was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an operation. Her friends revealed that she went through radiotherapy and chemotherapy and consequently, lost her hair.

The star has now recuperated effectively from the disease. This week, she enjoyed her birthday and displayed her latest short hairstyle. She was wearing a blonde wig and will continue to wear it, till the time her hair grows back.

Her close friend disclosed that her treatment got completed in June and she is very happy, as she has recovered from the disease successfully.

The star is married to comedian, Adrian Edmondson. She did not go public about the disease and disclosed her illness to her friends and family members only.

However, she continued to attend functions and also made an appearance at the Great British Comedy Event. Last week, she was spotted at the tennis match between Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych and was wearing a bandana.

Her friend revealed that during the treatment, she got very ill. She further added that Jenifer is improving and her friends have remained by her side throughout her suffering.