Lawsuit Filed Against New Healthcare Reform

A lawsuit has been filed by Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder in federal court on Wednesday against the health care reform law passed by Congress. There have been raised eight separate issues against the reform and the withdrawal of some of its measures has been demanded.

Kinder made a statement in which he told that the case has been filed due to the non-affordability of health care for Missourians’, which invalidates the United States and Missouri state Constitutions. The health care bill is undemocratic because it could ultimately require Missouri to raise their tax rates. It also makes people to buy health insurance and alleviating advantages of Government-sponsored Medicare Advantage. It also affects compensation of state officials.

Kinder himself is of the view that the law interferes with the insurance coverage, he receives as an elected statewide official. He is filing his suit with privately raised funds, which are estimated to be around $5,000 from less than
200 donors. But he did not disclose the names of his contributors. He argued that Congress cannot force people to make health care choices as per its discretion.

Though, Attorney Generals of a number of states have filed the similar suit, but Attorney General Chris Koster, a Democrat, has refused to follow the same.