Long Life can be Due to Genes

It has been recently found by the researchers that the reason for a longer life of a human being can be due to the presence of some genes in him or her. So it’s like, if we live for a 100 years, then we must have chosen our parents well.

But the study also accompanied with a caution for not letting loose our diet and exercise schedule. This research has detected a similarity between the genetic variations of those who have lived for long. But it was also asserted that with this means, it can’t be judged that for how long a person will live on this earth.

The study was conducted by a team led by Paola Sebastiani and Thomas T. Perls of Boston University, and the latter said that this research will assist in determining the diseases one can be vulnerable to, in his or her life.

In this study, genomes of 1,055 Caucasians was researched, who were born between 1890 and 1910. These were later compared to those of 1,267 people, born afterwards. The result gained 77% accuracy.

Sebastiani said, “77% is very high accuracy for a genetic model. But 23% error rate also shows there is a lot that remains to be discovered”.