HD Base T-Format stands against HDMI

A recent step taken by the giants of consumer electronics such as LG, Samsung and Sony, suggest that they are working upon to replace HDMI with HDBaseT.

This new A/V cable are essentially CAT5e/6 networking cables that aren't common yet they allow for cable lengths to go up to 100m, far more than HDMI, without the need for pesky and expensive repeaters.

It helps in transmitting up to 100w of power which approximately is capable enough to play a 37-inch TV (presumably a LCD model), according to Audioholics.

It works on the concept of standard networking cable and this HDBaseT format comes with sound bandwidth to transmit full HD 1080p, 3D as well as super HD content as well.

In addition to this it comes with modulated packets making HDBaseT immune to electromagnetic interference indicating no signal degradation.

These devices will be launched in the second half of 2011 and the second version is expected to surpass the 10.2Gbps mark.