Delta Airlines posts strong traffic

US aviation company, Delta Air Lines Inc has seen what many other aviation companies failed to do in the US market. Delta Airlines has posted the highest increase in traffic during June because of rise in rebound during the same period.

Besides this, rise in international travel along with rise in flight capacity also did its bit and the airline saw a push in the traffic at an exponential rate.

The other airline that managed to stay in the green in terms of traffic was Republic Airways Holdings Inc.'s discount Frontier airline. This firm saw a 15 per cent jump in its traffic.

The load factor jumped by 10 per cent and the fullness of the airline was as high as 91 per cent. This is much higher than 87 per cent that was seen in 2009.

Interestingly, the airline company has managed to come out of the bankruptcy filing because of this and is looking forward to defeat Southwest Airlines Co.'s in an auction bid.

The good thing is that the sector has a whole has seen an increase in traffic as travelers come back to the aviation sector.