Gaming Season Arrives with 'Summer of Arcade'

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The launch date and the pricing scheme for Xbox Live 'Summer of Arcade' for this has been announced. In addition, the game-maker has proclaimed the deals with which the downloadable game seekers will get benefitted.

The demo of the 'Summer of Arcade' will commence few days after the launch of 'Destination Arcade' navigation update in the next week. 'Summer of Arcade' will go on the run for over five weeks starting July 21.

All the games will be sold for $15, with two of the deals available regular buyers. Purchasing three games with the same account will cost the buyer nearly a $5 repayment. On the other hand, buying the complete set will place $15 back to the purchaser.

With three of the key franchises viz. Hyrdo Thunder, Castlevania, and Tomb Raider, coupled with an indie darling Limbo as well as an unidentified beginner named Monday Night Fights, the downloadable content for gamers is available in different formats.