According to Field Poll: Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown in Dead Heat

Republican Meg Whitman’s sustained promotion campaign has affected the Democratic opponent, Jerry Brown, in the chase to occupy the seat of California’s Governor.

A new Field Poll reveals a remarkable shift amongst probable voters, who now voice mounting suspicions over Brown, the state’s Attorney General and ex-Governor for two-term.

On the whole, the poll unveils Brown and Whitman in a numerical tie, moving towards the November election.

Field Poll Director, Mark DiCamillo said about Brown, “It’s the advertising giving voters pause”.

However, the poll demonstrates that people have negative opinion about Whitman, who is involved in a strong campaign for the June 8 primary election, which she triumphed easily. Besides assaulting each other, both contenders condemned Brown, who had no grave primary antagonism.

Brown sustains a slight lead over Whitman, 44% to 43%, after straggling by three points in a March Field Poll. But his newborn benefit is well within the edge of fault and is a long way from the strong 50% to 29% that Brown relished in a supposed match in October 2009.

Brown’s 50% positive rating in March 2009 has fallen to 42% in the new opinion poll. His critical rating is 40%, in comparison to 25% in March 2009.