Health Insurance No More a Problem in Pennsylvania

The health care overhaul bill signed earlier this year has eased West Virginias as now the people there would be able to get health insurance. The conditions prior to this were not satisfactory as many people were not able to get the SAME.

The new bill will last till 2014. The new transitional plan that has come into effect is named as Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. The eligibility criteria is one must not be insured for at least six months and moreover one should not have been declined by any other private insurer due to medical problem.

The premium would be the same to someone who goes to Mountain State Blue Cross as pre-existing conditions, as told by Insurance Commissioner, Jane Cline, but the agency is still working on the details of benefits it will be offering. There will be a competitive and fair play in the insurance market.

Later this month, the state Insurance Commissioner will be telling how one can apply, and where to apply. But August 1 is expected to be the targeted date to begin taking applications for the plan.

The plan will initially open the plan for 3800 adults, as told by spokesman Pennsylvania Insurance Department and they project to cover a maximum of 5,600. The program will be on first come first serve basis.