Diabetic Patients Need to Keep Their BP Low

In order to keep off any heart problem resulting out of diabetes, diabetics are advised to keep their blood pressure levels low. As per the recent guidelines the systolic number of blood pressure should be kept below 130, though the normal level is 120.

It has been found that people with diabetes are more prone to cardiovascular diseases and problems like high blood pressure.

A study was conducted by Rhonda M. Cooper-DeHoff, a professor of pharmacy and medicine at the University of Florida on 6400 diabetics having heart disease over a five year period to evaluate the guidelines for blood pressure. The patients were grouped into three separate groups; those that had systolic readings below 130, below 140 and those over 140.

Systolic pressure is the upper of the two blood pressure numbers, representing the maximum pressure exerted when the heart contracts.

The study concluded that diabetic patients who had their blood pressure reading below 140 as well as those who kept theirs under 130 managed equally well. Little difference was found between the tight control and moderate control groups. The risk of death from any cause was actually higher in the tight control group, 22.8%, as compared to 21.8% in the moderate control group.

Cooper-DeHoff suggested that in order to keep this level correct one must have right diet intake and do exercise regularly.

According to American Medical Association, there is no benefit in taking different medications for the two problems as it can be hazardous too, but one should try to keep the BP level below 130.