Brits Non-serious About Travel Insurance

A number of Britons are going out of the nation to enjoy holidays without offering information about their medical conditions to travel insurance firms, a research reveals.

Sainsbury's Finance made a discovery that no less than 500,000 people went overseas with a medical trouble over the precedent year, without giving any information to their travel insurance supplier.

This could potentially annul the policy which would leave holidaymakers out of pocket if they at any point need to make a claim.

Many of those questioned said they felt awkward about discussing medical issues over the phone while some said they feared being refused cover.

Sainsbury's Travel Insurance Manager, Scott Gorman said that good travel insurance can help in great ways if you fall ill when out of the nation in some new country, so it's actually important that people are open and honest with the insurance firms where they have taken up the policy.

LV= Insurance recently made the revelation that 19% of people do not have injections before they set up on their journey overseas and do not even seek medical advice.

In the meantime, 7% decided to overlook advice given by healthcare professionals, which is an irresponsible behaviour.