Apple’s iPhone 3G most recycled mobile phone in Britain

Apple’s iPhone 3G has reportedly emerged as the most recycled phone in Britain as iPhone 3G owners are getting rid of their old phone in order to get some cash to purchase the new iPhone 4.

As trading in the second-hand iPhone 3G market is gaining momentum, the old phone can fetch you attractive amount of cash.

According to Sell My Mobile, the 8GB iPhone 3G can get you around £170 cash via some mobile recycling websites, while the 16GB iPhone 3G can fetch you up to £192. The 8GB iPhone 3G was released in 2008.

The 3GS 16GB and 3GS 32GB can be recycled for up to £230 and £282 respectively.

Keir McConomy, the managing director of Sellmymobile. com said that the iPhone 3G was not the best seller until about a month ago and that it suddenly became the best seller since the iPhone 4 was launched in the UK on 24th of June.

Currently, the iPhone 3G and 3GS maintain the top three spots in popular charts of Sell My Mobile, which claims to be the best mobile phone recycling price comparison site in Britain.