HP Plans to Develop WebOS for Tablets and Netbooks

HP’s acquisition of Palm Inc. revealed the fact that Palm's WebOS smartphone will be used for mobile devices, as well as for upcoming tablets and netbooks. It seems as if the company has some serious objective, when it comes to WebOS.

Operating system needs to be designed again, because presently, it runs only on ARM processors, whereas slates and netbooks require x86 chips. Hence, they will need some time to redesign OS for slates and notebook.

Because of Palm’s highly praised Pre and Pixi smartphone products, HP will be able to gain some profit.

An HP statement revealed, "Palm will be responsible for WebOS software development and WebOS-based hardware products, from a robust smartphone roadmap to future slate PCs and netbooks”.

HP would also introduce WebOs in its printers. Surprisingly, the operating system that was originally introduced for smartphones, will be used for other purposes now.

With the help of WebOs operating system, HP will offer its customers, a unique experience.

Former Palm Chairman and CEO, Jon Rubinstein, who was against this decision in the beginning, is now quite confident about WebOS, which he thinks will do some good business in the market.