Lawsuits Filed Against Apple, AT&T for Antenna Problem

Recently many lawsuits have been filed against both Apple and AT&T. The reason behind it is that people are blaming the Company of deliberately marketing faulty iPhone 4.

Four different suits have been filed regarding the antenna problems in the device. The applicants have alleged that Apple and AT&T have been negligent and they have deliberately misrepresented the phones.

The statement given by law firms like Cutter, Ratinoff and Kershaw has revealed that more than 500 iPhone 4 users are facing a problem due to the defective antenna. The customers have reported that when the phone is held from the bottom left corner, then the reception quality becomes poor.

On Tuesday, a complaint was lodged by the Sacramento-based law firm in the Northern District of California. The suits have been filed with some kind of hope reprisal for the iPhone 4 users as the lawyer’s state that the users have not got adequate support from the Company.

The suit filed by KCR, says that users have only three alternatives. Either they have to hold their phones in an uncomfortable way or give them back to the Company and pay 10% ‘restocking fee’ and the final option is to buy cases for the phones, which cost as much as $ 29.95.