Alberta Suffers Norovirus Epidemic

Public health officials have alarmed the residents in the Alberta region, asking the people to take precautions against the Norovirus infection, following the epidemic’s onset at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Nearly 4 children were found infected with the virus, this weekend. The officials have confirmed that no new cases of the virus infection have been reported today.

Dr. Judy MacDonald, Calgary's Medical Officer of Health, said that the staff is trying their best to ensure that no more infections occur.

The sickness caused by the virus doesn’t stay for long and the patients get fine within days after the infection.

However, the transmission of the virus is too quick. The patients are advised to undertake precautions like washing hands regularly, taking rest when feeling sick, etc.

"Norovirus is something that's in our community year-round. We don't necessarily see a lot of it during the summer, but it's still out there", MacDonald said.

Calgary suffers as many as 50 epidemics each year, due to different viruses.

The present year saw more than 16 epidemics, with two occurring in minor care sectors.

Dr. Joan Robinson, a University of Alberta professor and infectious disease specialist at the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, said that the major issue over the epidemic woes is that the patients suffer dehydration.