Books Still the Best for Reading

A study has confirmed that it takes more time to read a book on a digital device like an iPad or Kindle, as compared to a real book. It was revealed that reading a book on any of the digital devices takes almost 10.7% more time as compared to a book.

Even though, it takes more time to read on a digital device, their popularity is increasing. However, people still do not prefer to read on their PC monitors.

People, who took part in the study, are regular readers. It took a reader an average time of 17 minutes and 20 seconds to finish a story. It was also found that reading on different platforms did not impact the understanding of the readers in any manner.

It is clear that reading a book takes less time. It is observed that it takes people 6.2% more time to read on iPad and 10.7% more, while reading on Kindle 2. Even though, some feel that reading on an iPad is faster than Kindle 2, it still does not mean that it is better to buy an iPad as compared to Kindle 2.

Tech experts feel that it will still take some time for the people to get the same comfort level, while reading on a digital device compared to a normal book.

Meanwhile, the popularity of the e-readers is growing and they have registered a growth of 217% as compared to 2009.