Analysts Oppose Ban on Flavoured Tobacco Products

Analysts are arguing that the recent ban imposed on the flavoured tobacco products by the Government will do more harm than good to the youth in the nation.

They said that the ban ignites the desire among the youth addicts all the more, giving way to the development of illegal means of supplying and purchasing the tobacco-laden products.

The C-32 legislation, which was cleared in the Parliament on Monday, will see a restriction being put over the use of fruit- and candy-flavoured mini-cigars or 'cigarillos'.

The lawmakers opposing the smoking practices in the nation say that the bill will trigger the menace of smoking among even those youngsters, who were away from the addiction, so far.

Gary Grant, a Spokesman for the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco, said that the ban doesn’t explain the exact reasons behind this move. Also, the prohibitions have not been defined for different tobacco products.

“If the Government really had the interest and health of our kids at heart, their top priority would be stopping the sale of contraband cigarettes”, he added.

The coalition, along with the Canadian Convenience Store Association, is protesting against the voids in the ban, urging the inclusion of the contraband smokes in the legislation.