Weather Troubling Clean Up Process for BP Oil Spill

The Gulf of Mexico spill has till now costed BP, more than $3 Billion in the payouts to individuals, businesses and Governments. Last week, the total was $2.65 billion and this week it has reached $3.12 billion. The amount is excluding $20 billion fund that was paid for damages that BP created last month.

This oil spill is known to be the world’s largest and it was said that the test to float large quantities of oily water from the gulf’s surface, did not work well.

The supertanker, named A Whale, which was designed to suck up 21 million gallons of oily every day, did not perform as per expectations, as the winds and the sea did not support.

Posing more trouble for disturbing skimming process all the more, the process near the coasts of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida were ceased after the seas went unfavorable due to Hurricane Alex. Not even this, the weather also affected the smaller skimmers from working.

BP’s response to the spill will be helped by Navy airship, which will be appointed for assistance, announced the unified command for the spill, on Monday.

The blimp is an MZ-3A airship, which has the capacity of staying in for 12 hours. This can support the clean up actions, more than the helicopters and airplanes.