Malaria Outbreak in Ulu Baram Villages

The seven villages in Ulu Baram, comprising Long San, Long Selatong, Tanjong Tepalit, Long Apu, Long Julan, Long Anap and Long Palai, are facing the outbreak of malaria. Thousands of people from these areas are threatened with malaria and five of them reported the disease’s symptoms, which include fever and headache.

The five suspected patients were admitted to Miri Hospital.

They were confirmed to have contracted P vivax malaria, a common type of malaria which normally occurs in temperate region and has no deadly effect on life.

Dr. Chan, who is also Chairman of the State Disaster and Relief Management Committee, said, “I have been informed by medical officers on the cases. A medical team has already been dispatched to the area to get a clearer picture of the outbreak”.

In a recent statement given by Dr. Chan it was revealed that the situation is under control now. The people on the Penan were checked and given malaria pills to control the spread of the mosquito-borne disease. There is no cause of worry as much of the cases are treatable.

He stated that a total of 1,286 malaria cases, including 655 in Baram (with the highest incidence), had been reported in Sarawak up to the 25th week this year, as compared to 2,158 cases during the last year.