US climate scientists receive abusive hate e-mails

A review into the so-called Climategate scandal that followed a series of hacked emails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of University of East Anglia last year is all set to be released on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, US climate scientists said they were facing threat to life as many hate e-mails had described as "Nazi climate murderers" and threatened that they would have to undergo gargle razor blades.

Hate e-mails, which followed leaked e-mails from the CRU last November, were written in venomous tone of the abuse. Scientists have accused the police of inaction; while the police said they were unable to act because of people have freedom of speech in the US. Moreover, some of the e-mails were sent without any attempt by the senders to wrap their identity.

The UEA scientist Professor Phil Jones disclosed recently that he had been receiving at least two death threats a week.

Climatologist Professor Stephen Schneider, whose name features in the UEA emails, revealed that he has received hundreds of violently abusive e-mails since the surfacing of Climategate scandal last November.

Speaking on the issue, Schneider said, "Where are they getting their information from? They just listen to assertions made on blogs and rightwing talkshows."

Mr. Schneider described the situation as pathetic.

Meanwhile, climate scientists agreed that their world changed irreversibly for the better following the Climategage scandal.