Taxi Jobs for Medical Students: AMA

With an estimated gush in student intake and not enough training places, there are fears that the Tasmanian medical graduates could be strained to drive taxis or work in fast food outlets.

The Australian Medical Association states that the number of Tasmanian graduates is expected to increase 20% next year. Nationwide, the number of medical students is envisaged to have increased 120% in the eight years to 2012.

As very mush evident in Italy, where some medical graduates are driving taxis and working in fast food outlets, Dr. Michael Aizen, AMA state President, says without interference that Australia is at jeopardy of facing oversupply troubles.

"We're likely to see some of our best and brightest go to the mainland or overseas and not to return to Tasmania. We could also see our best and brightest making hamburgers in takeaway shops. We need to understand that there may be limitations in the amount of doctors we can train", he said.

The AMA has written to Tasmania's Health Minister on the lookout for more graduate doctor education places.

Dr. Aizen also requests that the Federal Government to put up a national body to decide and standardize Australia's clinical training capability.

Premier David Bartlett has vowed to promise every nationally trained graduate doctor, a post in Tasmania.

The Federal Government says that it is looking forward to develop the types of amenities, student doctors can train in and also assured internships to every Commonwealth supported learner.