Smart Bomb Technique for Combating Cancer to Be Developed by Australian, Indian Scientists

For combating the growing disease of cancer, the Australian researchers have claimed that they are working on a drug delivery system termed "smart bomb". This system will search and destroy the basic cause of cancer cells in the body of the patients.

The project has been initiated in association with Indian scientists and is being headed by Deakin University's Associate Professor, Wei Duan. Dr. Duan said that the new treatment procedure will be having lesser side effects, than the presently practiced traditional chemotherapy.

Explaining further about the treatment, Dr. Duan shared that destroying cancer cells is very difficult, as they contain cancer stem cells, which are the root cells and are resistant to any kind of drugs.

The present treatments are focused on eliminating a huge number of the cancer cells but gradually, as the root cause of the generation of cells is left unaffected, the root cells give birth to more cancerous cells with time, he added.

The smart bomb technology will be based on killing the root stem cells, that are the reason for the occurrence and reoccurrence the cancer cells in body, he said.

Scientifically, the drug delivery system will be build upon the RNA interference, or gene silencing, by controlling the genes from inside cells.