Health Policies for Younger Generation

As heard by a faction of aspirant parliamentarians, the younger generation wishes for and requires enhanced access to health services. For the 2010 YMCA NSW Youth Parliament, around 90 high school age kids assembled at NSW Parliament House on Monday.

These students headed talks over the issues that the adolescents aged 12 years or above face. A youth health policy was formulated by a 21 years old nursing student Tjirra Francis, who is also a representative of the NSW Youth Advisory Council. A debate was held over this policy, after it was presented by her at the gathering.

The basic point kept forward was that when the youngsters need health services, they do not have an access of it. Also, a proposal for education programs was included in the policy discussed that it can help the practitioners, over how to tackle the young people.

Ms Francis added, "Youth feel really disempowered in accessing health ... there's this big gap where you're not classed as a child but you're not an adult either. There are a few years there where you don't want to ask your parents but its a little awkward asking your doctor about sexual health, risky behaviors and body image".