Man Losses His Arm in a Firework Accident

The holiday served to be a horrible experience for a 36-year-old Long Island man when he blew off his arm following a mortar bomb firework, exploded out of a metal pipe and teared off his left arm off at the shoulder.

The incident took while was lighting illegal fireworks for friends and family Saturday, Suffolk County police uncovered.

Eric Smith's lost his left arm in the Independence Day weekend incident at his Islip Terrace home reported to have had occurred at about 5:45 p. m.

Friends explained that the police, that he had leant over the 3ft long pipe to trigger the mortar bomb from his back garden, however, was unable to get away in time.

It is revealed that the man was hosting a party at his Long Island, New York, home. He was admitted to hospital immediately by the people present their while the injured limb was packed on ice and also transported with him in the ambulance.

Although, surgeons tried their best to re-attach the arm, yet they failed. However, Mr. Smith is presently in a stable condition.

Police uncovered that they are considering imposing charges against Smith, as the firework he fired had been illegally made and he used them deliberately.