A Strict “NO-NO” to Smoking at Bars and Restaurants in Wisconsin

There is a bad news for those, who love smoking. The Bars and restaurants of Wisconsin will now be smoke free. A ban stroked the state at midnight.

Bars are supposed to post `No-Smoking' signs and not to serve anyone, who is smoking. They can't even provide matches or ashtrays in areas where smoking is not allowed.

Owners and employees of Wisconsin bars are worried that they'll lose their customers this way. Owner, Mike McHugh says that 80% to 90% of his customers smoke and with passing of this law, they won't be coming to his place anymore and his business will get affected to the tune of 20-30%, as it is a part of people's life.

Sports arenas and bus shelters are also the prohibited areas for smoking. A person smoking in a place, where it's prohibited could face a fine between $100 and $250. Anyone, who wants to report violations, can call the complaint hotline, 1-800-NO-SMOKE.

But, not everyone is against this law. Anti-smoking advocates fought for years to persuade legislators to pass the ban.

Most of the people of Wisconsin are in support of this law and they waited long for its enforcement, as told by Maureen Busalacchi, Executive Director of Smoke Free Wisconsin.