Scientists Hails Creation of HIV-Fighting Immune Cells in Lab Mice

Scientists are reported to hail their success in creating an immune cell that appears to combat the deadly HIV infection in lab mice.

The new lead in gene therapy is deemed to be a significant achievement in the fight against the virus that causes AIDS. The research is reported to have been conducted on various human stem cells, from where the stem cells were transferred into mice.

They spread into the immune system cells that assisted in boosting body's resistance against infection with HIV. The study was unveiled on July 2 in Nature Biotechnology.

The stem cells that were used are reported to be engineered, and then manipulated, in a bid to make them mature, so that they work as immune cells. These cells multiplied, until there were enough for the HIV virus to hit.

The University of Southern California researchers are of the view that if the method works successfully in a humans, it could lead to the emergence of a simple and direct treatment.

One major advantage posed by this therapy concerning its use on humans, is that it will prove to be a cost effective and time efficient method of treatment and that also on a large scale.