Apple admits iPhone 4 reception problem

Apple recently released a statement admitting that its newly launched iPhone 4 do have problem relating to signal-strength.

Apple said that an inaccurate algorithm was the cause of plummet in the iPhone 4’s signal bars. It added that it causes more signal problem when the handset is held in a particular way. Earlier also, chief executive Steve Jobs had blamed improper handling for the poor reception as the reception issue was linked to the wraparound antenna unique to the iPhone 4.

Many iPhone 4 owners have been complaining that they were facing poor reception problem. Reports also confirmed that when the device is held tightly and the black strip in the lower left corner of the metal band gets covered, signal strength falls 4 or even 5 bars.

Commenting on the topic, Sneezymarble, a commentor on macrumors, wrote, “If I place my pinky finger over the little black strip on the bottom left side of my iPhone 4, my signal drops and I can't make any calls.”

Some users blamed flawed antenna design for the problem, which has been as 'Death Grip'.

But, Apple said that they found that the formula they were using to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display was totally wrong. The company added that bogus indicators mislead users into thinking that they had greater signal strength than they really had.

Apple confirmed that it they would fix the problem soon by updating its iOS 4 in the next few weeks.