Embarrassing Flaws For Apple in its iPhone 4

On Friday, Apple issued a letter officially admitting the iPhone 4 has flaws, uncovering that problems are due to signal-strength formula and not triggered by the antenna design.

Many have complained that the iPhone showed a patch service, witnessing sudden inflating signal strengths along with a deteriorated reception.

Apple has claimed that its signal-strength formula is flawed and shows more bars than it should. Also, it explained that the problem of a sudden drop was encountered by some users when they grip the phone in a certain way. It is the due to the fact that high bars were always fictitious.

Brian Klug and Anand Lal Shimpi at AnandTech suggest that holding any smartphone in that specific manner can cause a significant plunge in the mobile reception, the facts described in their iPhone 4 review.

"The original YouTube videos showed bars not only dropping, but calls actually being dropped. Unless the call connection is based on what the software is showing for signal strength, I find all of this very hard to believe and it feels simply like a cover up", quoted PC World commentor jntowers.

Meanwhile, the iPhone's reception display may be erroneous; many people seem to bear a belief that fixing that flaw is not going to solve the problem of death-grip dropped calls.