People Struggle for an Appointment With NHS Dentist

According to a survey, many people in Swindon are waiting to get a dental appointment. In the survey, a questionnaire was given to around 147,600 people, including 1,096 people in Swindon, from January to March this year.

The Department of Health Research has recommended that 12% of people who tried to get an appointment in the two years up to March this year have not been successful in getting one.

The survey indicated that four out of ten adults are not going for NHS dentistry. Then, 41% people did not even try to get an appointment in NHS over a span of two years.

About 22% people said that they are not seeking an appointment because they are persisting with a dentist who has shifted to private practice. Another 18% people did not make an appointment because they thought that they would be unable to get it.

According to the Government, the results depicted the “scale of the challenge” that lies ahead of the NHS.

A Spokeswoman of Department of Health revealed that the number of respondents who visit an NHS dentist continues to be less. This has happened despite the organization receiving extra funds worth three quarters of a billion pounds over a span of five years.