The Gladiator Girl Found By Archaeologists

Archaeologists in Herefordshire have exposed the remnants of what could perhaps be a female gladiator. Amongst the verification of a Roman suburb in Credenhill, they have found the grave of a gigantic, muscular woman.

Toughened with iron straps and copper strips, she was found in an elaborate wooden coffin, which signified her importance.

Her remains were found in a squatted position, in what could be a hamlet of the close by Roman town of Kenchester.

"The coffin would have been made of wood - we haven't got any of the wood left, but we've got the nails around the outside then three huge giant straps that run all the way around the coffin, and also bronze strips on the corners which would have probably strengthened it, but probably decorated it", the archaeological Project Manager, Robin Jackson said.

It was quite an intricate and most likely a very luxurious coffin, and yet the person in it looked as if she had a hard working life, and so there was a glitch there.

An offering of beef and a fired pot were also seen in the grave, and she was hidden on the peak of a support of gravel.

Rather than in a cemetery on the periphery of the settlement, which was the law in Roman times, she was found to have been buried in the suburb.