Lap Dancer Sarah Says: Ashley is out of Cheryl Now

It is believed by the former Spearmint Rhino lap dancer, Sarah Purnell that the footballer Ashley Cole has moved on and does not love his ex-wife, Cheryl Cole anymore. Purnell is the former lover of the Chelsea defender, Ashley.

Sarah said that Ashley was completely contended about his status of being single. When she had allegedly bedded him on 2 May and 1 June, she had said, "He seemed quite happy with his life and didn't seem down or on the rebound. He's so laid-back and chilled. He's so grounded. I think Ash gets a really hard time".

Sarah added that for Ashley's marriage breakup, she did not want to put the blame on him, for deceiving his wife. The lap dancer did up Ashley's untied shoelace in London's Supperclub, and that was the first time, when they met each other.

Sarah agreed that women are continuously throwing themselves over him, and also feel sorry about the way he lives now. Earlier this year, Ashley had split from his wife and now Cheryl has filed a divorce case in the court. She has put allegations on him that he has been disloyal with various other women.