Kylie Minogue is Happy with Life

It was a great surprise for the viewers of GMTV as Kylie Minogue presented the weather forecast and she looked very happy and upbeat as she presented the forecast and also predicted spells hovering over her hometown city of Melbourne. She was wearing a tight leopard-print blue dress and appeared healthy and full of happiness.

Kylie also had an interview with hosts, John Stapleton and Emma Crosby and she also discussed her illness and the tough times that she faced due to her condition. She also discussed her recovery process after being diagnosed with cancer in 2005. She admitted that she was now in a good state of health and taking things as they come.

She was also very happy about her recent Glastonbury appearance with the Scissor Sisters. She felt that the whole experience was magical and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

She also recalled that five years ago, she had to cancel her appearance at the festival, as she was diagnosed with cancer. She admitted that battling with cancer was not an easy task and she feels happy for the love and support that she has received from her fans across the world.

Kylie is now in good health and was also very happy, when she was shown her first ever British television interview that appeared on GMTV.