Lady Gaga Gets Close to 10 Million Facebook Fans

According to a British website, Lady Gaga is on her way to soon grow to be the first living person to log 10 million Facebook fans.

On June 25, Gaga overhauled Barack Obama as the most admired living person on Facebook. Including the late Michael Jackson, Texas Hold 'em Poke, the Family Guy TV show, the game Mafia Wars and Facebook itself, the only five individuals, none of them living people, now have more Facebook fans than Lady Gaga.

Gaga's fan count reached 9,940,462 to the leader of the free world's 9,444,942. She also continues to smack Obama in Twitter followers (4,762,938 to 4,422,923) and YouTube subscribers (311,716 to 191,562).

When it comes to Facebook, the singer, who by no account, fails to spot any opportunity to shout out her rabid fanbase of ‘little monsters’, is also miles forward of other living celebs on the list.

Gaga's rise this week on Facebook might have something to do with her cover story in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine, in which she offers the most fascinating glance yet into her intimately guarded private life.

In accumulation to the bombshell interview with former Afghan war General, Stanley McChrystal, the Gaga trait has helped to thrust the magazine's newsstand sales to twofold compared to what it regularly does.