Penn State University Says, Michael Mann Innocent

An assessment of the alleged case of a climate scientist, Professor Michael Mann, for having violated the standards of the profession, has claimed that the allegations are baseless.

The review conducted by Penn State University researchers, said on Thursday, that Mann has not shown any deviance from the normative behavior in the researching practices.

The probe commenced this February, and presented its findings on Thursday. It claimed that he is free from the three allegations, while the review on the fourth one is being pursued as of now.

The researchers straightway said that he has not been involved in the three alleged practices.

Mann has been facing condemnation from a number of regulators after the release of his global warming theories. The critics allege that he has not been able to substantiate his findings.

The probe was directed after the release of the email link between U. S. and British scientists in November, it was found that these emails were sent and received via the British research center.

He was then held under the charges of being involved in a protection violation at the University of East Anglia.

“The Investigatory Committee, after careful review of all available evidence, determined that there is no substance to the allegation against Mr. Mann”, said the report.