HP Acquires Palm

HP has finalized the purchase of Palm, owning all the intellectual property rights of the latter. It has expressed its pride in becoming the owner of WebOS.

Although, Palm was reluctant towards the deal initially, HP persuaded it, as it proposed its plans of developing a range of mobile devices around the WebOS platform and the WebOS tablet.

After the successful launch of Slate by Microsoft and HP at CES, HP promoted the tablet highlighting its qualities over Apple iPad.

However, the earlier reviews of Slate made the manufacturers suffer, as the device was considered a copy of the iPad.

Now, in order to rule the market, HP has purchased Palm, for developing WebOS mobile platform. There had been speculations rising over the conversion of Slate into WebOS tablet.

With HP’s recent move, said the analysts, those speculations appear to be proving right. HP is looking forward to the development of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile computing tools with the help of the WebOS platform.

HP is more acceptable in terms of enterprising, thereby developing the tablet, in contrast with the Apple iPad, said the analysts.

"Part of the integration strategy is consolidation of functions and operations, as appropriate", said HP spokesman.