“Space” Probing

The U. S. Senate Commerce Committee has decided to submit a plan to President Barack Obama on July 15, which would help in saving 7500 skilled jobs. The jobs will be provided at shuttle's launch site, space centers and contractors. It will reduce the dependency of U. S. on Russia for placing their astronauts.

The committee earlier assisted NASA’s launch team by funding additional space shuttle supply flight to the International Space Station a year from now.

Mars will not be that far, if the Senate’s plan works well.

As told by Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla. To NBC News, the NASA is moving ahead with this idea of supplying commercial rockets to the space station, while the new heavy-lift rocket and spacecraft are being built.

NASA has delayed the launch of its two space shuttle flights, until early next year. These changes have been made as the critical payload hardware for the mission will not be ready by the pre-determined time, as per NASA.

According to a report, this delay, from the earlier set month of September, will cost NASA about $200 million a month.

The schedule has been laid back for the second time, this week.

The last two space shuttles flights will transmit spare parts and equipment to the space station, which is not an easier task though.