Mobile devices are winning over computers: Eric Schmidt

Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt described mobile as the hottest area of technology.

He was addressing the Guardian's Activate conference in London, where he said that mobile devices were winning out over computers; however, he added that the two were still basically linked.

Pointing to the Apple iPad and Google's own Android devices, he said, "Mobile is winning... It's amazing to me that the smartest developers now are writing apps for mobile before they write for Windows or Apple Mac desktop operating systems.”

However, he further said that mobile devices are supported by a million computers as applications such as voice recognition work through the cloud.

Mr. Schmidt also praised the internet for its great contribution to change the world. He said that the internet was more disruptive technology even than electricity.

By the way, he added that the experience of reading news would move to digital devices sooner than later and it would involve personalized as well as local news according to readers’ interests and existing knowledge.

Mr. Schmidt also confirmed that Google Voice would be rolled out to the UK soon.