Ryanair tickets for £5

Ryanair's chief executive, Michael O'Leary, is all set to wave the proposals today which shall entail charging customers to use the washroom as well. The area shall be bringing into inception with vertical seats that shall be introduced at the back of its fleet of 250 planes.

Further Leary added that charging customers £1 to use the inbuilt aircraft facilities shall persuade the passengers to use the lavatories at the airport instead on the one hour marked short journey through aircraft. Adding to the plans, Leary intends to introduce coin operated lavatories in the aircraft with the amendment in the last 10 rows of the seats in order to have 15 rows of seats and the subsequent of 10 rows of standing area.

With regards to the view of Ryanair spokesman, it is been consulted that the Boeing may undergo the refitting of the fleet in order to craft out the vertical seats that shall allow passengers to be leashed in while standing up, which may cost between £4 and £8 per person. However the testing standards for the safety shall be carried out next year.

With the view from spokesman from the Civil Aviation Authority, the plans might have to jostle up in order to meet the safety requirements. He further added that as per the aviation law, people have to have a seat-belt on since the take-off till landing in order to be in the seat. It is quiet strange that how Mr. O'Leary would get around that one. As it is expected during the turbulence the passengers need to have the safety belt on.