Dyskinesias can be controlled with Drugs

The researchers have revealed that it is possible to transplant cell from aborted foetuses.

The research was started many years ago, but came to a halt in 1990, when it was discovered that patients are suffering from jerky movements, which sometimes get out of control.

This situation is known as Dyskinesias, in the medical terms.

The results of the study that was conducted by them stated that the persons are encountering dyskinesias because of some sort of disparity in their neurotransmitters.

At that time, they came up with an idea that the condition can be controlled with the help of drugs.

However, the study was closed without drawing any conclusion. But once again, with the help of Medical Research Council and Imperial College London, the research received a green signal.

By taking their help, the researchers analyzed many techniques, tested them and evaluated each one of them. They also used MRI scan of the patients, who complained of jerky movements during 1990.

They noticed that the disease occurs in the body because of the breakdown of serotonin cells.

The disease also results in decreasing the amount of chemical dopamine in the human brain that directs the movements.